How I Healed My Cavities Naturally

How I Healed My Cavities Naturally


Overcoming dental cavities naturally is a journey of understanding the root causes of tooth decay and adopting holistic approaches to oral health. This blog post details my personal experience in healing cavities using natural methods and supplements from Strong Jaw, which focuses on nutrient-dense, sustainably sourced products to enhance oral health.

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying poor dental health habits as a cause of cavities.
  • Implementing diet modifications and natural oral care for successful cavity healing.
  • Consistency in oral care and lifestyle changes are crucial for preventing future cavities.

My Journey to Healing Cavities Naturally

My path to heal cavities began when I noticed signs of tooth decay. After researching potential causes like sugar-rich diets and insufficient oral hygiene, I decided to explore natural remedies to reverse the damage and avoid further deterioration.

Sugary foods

Identifying the Problem

Symptoms such as toothache, visible holes in teeth, and sensitivity to hot and cold foods were clear indicators of cavities. I realized I needed to address these issues to prevent worsening conditions.

Seeking Professional Advice

My dentist discussed causes of cavities, like bacteria and diet, and suggested a combination of professional treatments and natural remedies to improve my dental health.

Natural Remedies for Cavities

Alongside professional advice, I ventured into natural remedies to enhance my dental health, focusing on diet changes and herbal solutions.

Dietary Changes

I adjusted my diet to include foods that strengthen teeth, such as dairy, leafy greens, and foods high in fiber, while reducing sugar intake. This, combined with Strong Jaw's supplements, rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, supported my journey.


Herbal Solutions

I incorporated herbal remedies like clove oil, licorice root, and neem into my dental care routine for their anti-bacterial and enamel-strengthening properties.

Improving Oral Hygiene Habits

I focused on gentle brushing, using fluoride free toothpaste, and regular flossing. These practices, along with natural mouthwashes, helped in healing my cavities.


Monitoring Progress and Adjusting Strategies

Regular dental check-ups and adapting my approach based on my dentist's advice were crucial in successfully healing my cavities and maintaining oral health.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Cavities

I maintained a consistent oral care routine and made healthy lifestyle choices, like reducing snacking and quitting smoking, to prevent future cavities.



Healing cavities naturally involves understanding the causes, adopting natural remedies, and improving oral hygiene. With consistent effort and the right approach, it is possible to reverse cavity damage and maintain strong, healthy teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cavities heal naturally?

While cavities cannot heal completely on their own, natural methods can help in slowing down their progression and prevent new ones.

Can diet change improve cavity healing?

Yes, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in sugars, can contribute to stronger teeth and help in reducing the progression of cavities.

Are herbal remedies effective for cavities?

Herbal remedies like clove oil and licorice root can help in managing cavity symptoms due to their antibacterial properties.

What are the early signs of cavities?

Early signs include tooth sensitivity, visible pits or holes in the teeth, and mild toothache.

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