Our Story

The strength and vitality of our ancestors' teeth, gums, and jaws served as motivation for Strong Jaw, a shining example of strong dental health. We are a supplement company based in the USA that primarily sells on Amazon. Our mission is to make our people across the country stronger, healthier, and happier.

Our quest started with a desire to learn the secret of our ancestors' exceptional dental health. We discovered that it was their nutrient-rich diet, which was very different from the food that is common in today's modern culture. Our goal is to put back what the modern world has left out, replenishing those missing nutrients through our sustainably sourced supplements.

Our two main products, Tooth Restore and Gum Restore, form the foundation of Strong Jaw. These nutritional supplements are made from nutrient-rich, animal-based ingredients like liver, bone and marrow, fish eggs, cartilage, thymus, Vitamin D3, and magnesium. Instead of just treating the symptoms of dental health problems, our products are made to tackle the root causes of tooth decay and gum disease.

We take pride in serving those who are concerned about their health in America's cities and suburbs. We have a solution designed specifically for your individual dental health needs, whether you're an ancestral health enthusiast, a proponent of natural remedies, a busy mom, a member of the millennial generation, or a senior citizen.

Feel free to send us a message. Our health guides would be happy to hear about your individual needs and offer you suggestions to help restore your teeth and gums to health.

Our commitment to sustainability, truth, and love is evident in everything we do. Our supplements are made in small, GMP-certified batches right here in the United States, and we source our ingredients from carbon-negative, regenerative farms in New Zealand and Australia.

Our customers are the heart of our business, and we work hard to educate and engage with them at every turn. Our customer engagement strategy includes educational content and top-tier customer service, backed by a subscription model and satisfaction guarantee.

Strong Jaw has a promising future because we aim to add new products to our lineup in the near future, including Bone & Jaw Restore, Biome Restore, Tooth Powder, Mouth Rinse, Mechanical Loading/Resin, Wild Boar Hair Toothbrush, Magnesium, and Activator X.

We commit to staying away from controversial diet trends, unqualified medical advice, negative comments about modern medicine, overly optimistic results, and cultural insensitivity in our quest to recreate the beneficial ancestral environment and diet. As we create a healthier future, we respect the past.

We don't just sell supplements at Strong Jaw. We're providing a path toward restoring natural dental health. Join us as we restore the power of the past to the smiles of the present.