Dental Health: Liver, Bone Marrow, & Other Animal-Based Ingredients

Dental Health: Liver, Bone Marrow, & Other Animal-Based Ingredients

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Bovine Liver Rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B12, Iron and Copper, it plays a pivotal role in enhancing dental health.
Bovine Bone and Bone Marrow Packed with Calcium and Collagen, they strengthen teeth and gums, reducing susceptibility to decay and disease.
Hoki Fish Eggs Their high DHA, EPA, and Vitamin D content contributes to tooth health, supporting enamel and overall oral health.
Bovine Tracheal Cartilage Its unique nutritional profile, including Glycosaminoglycans, aids in maintaining gum health.
Ovine Thymus High in Zinc and Selenium, it boosts oral immunity, helping defend against harmful bacteria.
Animal-based Ingredients in Supplements Supplements like Tooth Restore and Gum Restore harness these animal-based nutrients for optimal dental health.


In the world of dental health, there's so much more than toothpaste and floss. The diet plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy smile. At Strong Jaw, we embrace the power of animal-based nutrients to support dental health. Let's delve into the science behind these superfoods and how they contribute to stronger, healthier teeth and gums.

Bovine Liver: A Nutrient Powerhouse for Dental Health

Bovine liver is a nutritional superstar packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for dental health.

Liver from grass-fed cattle contains vital nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, iron, and other minerals. These nutrients play a key role in promoting healthy teeth and gums. In fact, Vitamin A boosts the body's immune response to bacteria in the mouth. This protects your teeth and gums from harmful infections.

Several studies highlight the importance of bovine liver for dental health. For instance, a diet rich in Vitamin A and B vitamins can reduce the risk of periodontal disease (1).

Discover more about the benefits of bovine liver for dental health in our detailed blog post.

Bovine Bone and Bone Marrow: Building Strong Teeth and Gums

Just like the liver, bovine bone and marrow are also treasure troves of nutrients.

Bone and marrow are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and collagen. These are all building blocks for strong teeth and healthy gums.

Calcium and phosphorus help strengthen the enamel, the hard, outer layer of your teeth. On the other hand, collagen promotes gum health by improving the structure of the connective tissues in your gums.

Research published in the Journal of Osteoporosis suggests that the nutrients found in bone and marrow can help rebuild bone structures. This includes the jawbone, which is crucial for overall dental health. A low intake of certain vitamins, particularly A and D, and other nutrients, such as calcium, may affect bone health. The deficiency can even affect the time and degree of bone healing in cases of fracture (2).

To learn more about the power of bovine bone and marrow in dental health, read our blog post.

Hoki Fish Eggs: A Seafood Superfood for Tooth Health

Nature's own multivitamin, hoki fish eggs, are a storehouse of essential nutrients beneficial for tooth health.

These tiny pearls of nutrition from the deep blue are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and iodine. These nutrients work together to support tooth health.

  • The omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation.
  • The vitamin D aids in calcium absorption.
  • The iodine ensures healthy thyroid function, which is essential for the development and maintenance of teeth.

Several studies suggest that diets high in these nutrients can lead to better overall oral health. One such study published in Nutrients highlights the importance of enough vitamin D (3).

Curious to know more about the nutrients in hoki fish eggs and their dental health benefits? Head over to our blog.

Bovine Tracheal Cartilage: Supporting Gum Health from Within

Bovine tracheal cartilage is more than just connective tissue—it's a fantastic source of essential nutrients for your gums.

Rich in glycosaminoglycans, a type of molecule that promotes cellular repair, bovine tracheal cartilage supports gum health from within. It's also rich in collagen and chondroitin, both of which support the structure and function of your gums.

Recent studies have shown that taking a bovine cartilage dietary supplement can improve gum health. In gingival recession treatment, collagen promotes gingival tissue regeneration (4).

Visit our blog to understand more about how bovine tracheal cartilage contributes to gum health.

Ovine Thymus: Boosting Oral Immunity

The ovine thymus is a nutrient-dense superfood that can give your oral immunity a significant boost.

The ovine thymus is abundant in peptides and other compounds that support immune health. This includes oral immunity, which is vital for maintaining a healthy mouth free from infections.

Scientists have found the thymus is critical to a strong immune response (5).

Learn more about how ovine thymus can enhance oral health on our blog.

Why Choose Animal-based Ingredients for Dental Health?

Dental health is more than just a bright smile. It's about nourishing your teeth and gums with the right nutrients, and nothing packs a punch like animal-based ingredients.

From bovine liver to hoki fish eggs, these are all natural powerhouses. They are rich in a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that together support dental health. They offer a full approach to oral health, helping to strengthen your teeth, support gum health, and boost oral immunity.

Understanding how each ingredient contributes to dental health can empower you to make dietary choices that truly benefit your oral health. Read more about using dietary changes for dental health in our blog.

How Strong Jaw Incorporates these Ingredients into Their Products

At Strong Jaw, we've harnessed the power of these animal-based ingredients in our products.

  • Tooth Restore leverages the benefits of bovine liver, bone and marrow, and hoki fish eggs to support tooth health.
  • Gum Restore incorporates bovine liver, bone and marrow, tracheal cartilage, and ovine thymus to nourish your gums from within.

We ensure careful sourcing and formulation. Your body can easily absorb and utilize these essential nutrients delivered in this form. Learn more about the specific benefits of the ingredients in Tooth Restore and Gum Restore on our blog.


The hidden power of liver, bone marrow, and other animal-based ingredients lies in their nutrient density. More importantly, in their ability to address the root causes of dental health issues.

At Strong Jaw, we believe in harnessing this power to help you achieve better dental health naturally. By including these nutrients into your diet, you can take a significant step towards stronger, healthier teeth and gums. Whether through food or supplements like Tooth Restore and Gum Restore.

For questions or more information, feel free to contact us anytime. We're always here to help!

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