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Hepcidin Supports Iron Homeostasis

📖 Physiology, Hepcidin

"Hepcidin is a peptide hormone produced in the liver that plays a crucial role in iron homeostasis. Iron is an essential part of oxygen transport within the body and is present in hemoglobin, myoglobin, and the electron transport chain."

LEAP-2 Supports Immune Health

📜 Molecular characterization and antibacterial immunity functional analysis of liver-expressed antimicrobial peptide 2 (LEAP-2) gene in golden pompano (Trachinotus ovatus)

"LEAP-2 was the second human blood derived peptide with antimicrobial activity discovered and was first identified in 2003. Previous studies showed that LEAP-2 was an evolutionarily ancient molecule that acts as a key component in vertebrate innate immunity against invading pathogens."

Fluoride Causes Major Health Problems

📜 Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention

"While it might have been excusable in the 1950s to utilise an enzyme poison such as fluoride to undesirably alter dental architecture and to kill cariogenic bacteria, a better understanding of the pathogenesis of dental caries, coupled with development of antibiotics and probiotics with strong anticariogenic effects, diminishes any major future role for fluoride in caries prevention."

Fluoride is Toxic to the Fetal Brain

📜 Potential fluoride toxicity from oral medicaments: A review

"The fetal brain is also susceptible to fluoride poisoning. Fluoride effects the fetal brain tissues and results in remark-able neurological damage, neuronal degeneration, and reduced secretion of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine."