Meet the Game Changers: Brian and Barbara Johnson

Meet the Game Changers: Brian and Barbara Johnson

The Johnson family: Brian Johnson (aka Liver King), Barbara Johnson, Stryker Johnson, and Rad Johnson

In the quest for oral health and beyond, it’s the Johnsons' trailblazing journey that lights the path. They went from despair to sparking a revolution, bringing to life Strong Jaw, centered on oral health and brimming with ancestral wisdom.

Key Takeaways Details
The Johnsons' Challenge Sons faced severe health and allergic issues.
Initial Response Turned to conventional medicine, found no lasting solutions.
Shift in Perspective Inspired by "Wise Traditions" and "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration."
The Birth of Strong Jaw A company based on ancestral wisdom, focusing on oral health.
The Goal Address the root causes of dental issues, promoting robust oral health and overall well-being.

The Johnsons' Plight and Pursuit 🌟

Imagine Brian and Barbara Johnson, cruising through life, untroubled and unquestioning like many of us. Everything flipped when their sons, Stryker and Rad, battled grave health challenges, leaving them in a nightmarish loop of Epi-pen shots, ambulance rides, and hospital stays.

The Challenge: Conventional treatments failed to offer relief, leaving the Johnson boys continually grappling with severe allergic reactions, including life-threatening breathing difficulties.

Brian’s desperate quest for answers unrolled an unexpected map – towards ancestral wisdom.

Lighting the Path of Ancestral Wisdom 📘

In the pages of "Wise Traditions" by Sally Fallon and "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price, Brian and Barbara found the torch that lit their path to redemption. They discovered that the wisdom of our ancestors still clutched the key to robust health and bliss.

Barbara Johnson and Brian Johnson (aka Liver King) Smiling

Barbara, integrating this newfound knowledge, witnessed transformative results in counseling her dental patients about ancestral foods and living practices.

“Ancestral wisdom isn’t merely a path. It’s a journey, a revelation, leading to the oasis of genuine health and hearty smiles. It's not about masking issues but uprooting them.” – Brian Johnson

The Dawn of Strong Jaw 💪

Energized by their revelations and results, Brian and Barbara breathed life into Strong Jaw. This isn’t just another company. It’s a beacon, a guide leading you to the treasures of:

  • Optimal Oral Health
  • Unshakable Strength
  • Boundless Energy
  • Irresistible Happiness

Are Dental Issues Just the Tip of the Iceberg? 🧊

If you think it’s just about cavities and gum disease, think again. These are early flares, signals that your body craves nourishment. It’s beyond time to shift focus from temporary fixes to addressing the root, unravelling a life rich in vitality and health.

The Strong Jaw Revolution: An advocacy for ancestral living, addressing the core of dental and overall health issues, unearthing a life vibrant in energy, strength, and limitless joy!

Join the Revolution! 🎉

Your path to sublime oral health and boundless well-being is not a dream. It’s here, mapped out and lit, waiting for you to embark. Join the revolution with Strong Jaw. Let’s create an avalanche of robust health and dazzling smiles together!

And if you're craving this wisdom on how to unlock your dental prowess, send us an email to get our '36 Ways to Cure Tooth Decay, Build Unbreakable Teeth, and Forge a Jawline of Legends.' because your journey to dental glory has only just begun! 🏋️‍♂️🦷🌟


Q1: Who are Brian and Barbara Johnson? A1: Brian (also known as Liver King) and Barbara Johnson are the founders of Strong Jaw, a company focused on oral health using ancestral wisdom. They embarked on this journey after their sons faced severe health challenges.

Q2: What inspired the Johnsons to start Strong Jaw? A2: The Johnsons were inspired by the teachings in "Wise Traditions" and "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration." Their experience with their sons' health issues led them to explore ancestral wisdom, which became the foundation of Strong Jaw.

Q3: What does Strong Jaw offer? A3: Strong Jaw offers a range of products and educational content aimed at addressing the root causes of dental issues and promoting overall well-being. Their approach is based on ancestral wisdom and focuses on optimal oral health.

Q4: How do the Johnsons view modern medicine in relation to ancestral wisdom? A4: The Johnsons believe in the importance of addressing the root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. They value the insights of ancestral wisdom as a complement to modern medicine, especially in areas of oral health and nutrition.

Q5: Can anyone benefit from the teachings and products of Strong Jaw? A5: Yes, Strong Jaw’s teachings and products are designed for people of all ages who are seeking to improve their oral health and overall well-being through ancestral wisdom and natural practices.

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