Ancient Dietary Cure Allows You to EAT YOUR WAY Out of a Tooth Pain in the Next 90 Days Or Less WITHOUT Munching On Your Teeth!

  • Long lasting relief 
  • Eat without fear
  • Fresh breath all day.
  • Improved overall dental health 
  • 100% risk free!
  • Beautiful smile & confidence 

Jerry B.

As someone with periodontal disease in the family, it’s crucial I do the best habits for prevention. Yes, brushing and flossing are important, but they don’t hold a candle to the power of good nutrition and targeted vitamins and minerals. I love the ingredients in this product. So thank you Strong Jaw!

John R.

Just started using and immediately noticed that my teeth weren't sensitive when eating or drinking... at all! Pretty incredible really. Even though I take care of my oral health, I've always experienced some sensitivity. Can only be a sign of good things happening!

Matthew A.

In the past, I always struggled with bleeding and sensitive gums. Going to the dentist was always painful and very unpleasant. I would also often have some bleeding when brushing. Now that I’m getting older and this worries me more and more, I don’t want to be one of those people who ends up having to have gum surgery.

Strong Jaw Tooth Restore

Unlock the ancient secret to stronger and healthier teeth.

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It started as a dull ache, a niggling feeling that something isn't quite right with my mouth. But soon the throbbing intensifies, pulsing through my jaw with every heartbeat. 

Tender. Swollen. The slightest sensation - even a breath of cold air, a sip of fresh coffee - sent excruciating agony through my skull.

I lay awake all night, cradling my inflamed cheek as stabbing jolts of fiery pain drilled into my nerves.

None of the things I tried worked - ice packs, numbing gels, doubled-up painkillers all melted  away in the wake of that unrelenting, torturous ache.

This stretched endlessly, bleeding into my waking hours. 

It’s 6:14am, but I have to wait till 7am for a store to open. That was when it hit me, I have to wait till 7am to get rid of this pain.

My Neighbour’s Dog Changed My Life! 

Later that week, Mum invited Mrs. Han, our 75-year-old Chinese neighbor, for dinner.

She brought a beautifully wrapped gift. As they chatted, I offered sweets to her dog, Max.

Suddenly, Mrs. Han gasped and grabbed my hand… "Stop! Don’t give him that!" she exclaimed. "It will ruin his teeth!", her eyes wide in fear.

Shocked, I pulled back, thinking she was overreacting. I packed the treats and went inside.

That night, curiosity got a better part of me because Mrs Han normally isn’t like that.

I admit, the questions I searched for were a little ridiculous because I wrote…

“Why did my 75-year-old neighbor overreact when I gave sweets to her dog!?”

Soon after, this turned out to be the most beautiful coincidence of my life. Having dental issues myself, the more I researched, the more I found out the secret to healthy teeth lies in a dog's natural eating habit. Mrs. Han fed Max raw meats, bones, and meals with minimal sweets. These foods, rich in calcium, phosphorus, and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, and K2), kept his teeth strong.I found the cause of my problem as a sudden realization hit me. Modern human diets are filled with nutrient-deficient, processed foods. Our everyday foods, seemingly harmless, are causing hidden damage.

Even rice, bread, and pasta convert to sugar, silently destroying our teeth. The more I learned, the more I saw how switching out these modern diets could transform our health. But everything just doesn’t make sense! How can I afford to make these meals and eat everything everyday? There has to be something I’m missing. So I visited Mrs Han, myself.And true to my hunch, just like her dog, Mrs Han also has a secret – the human version of her dog’s! Which she later shared. 

But unlike her dog, she doesn’t eat raw meat, or bones, neither does she sacrifice her busy time cooking ridiculous meals (like I thought!). Instead, she trapped her secret in a bottle and at 75, she can still eat without any pain or dental worries! Over the years, this secret has help her with;

  1. Long-Lasting Relief

    No more constant tooth pain. You can bite into an apple effortlessly and enjoy your meals without the sting of sensitive teeth.

  2. Beautiful Smile & Confidence

    Gain the confidence to flash a radiant smile at any age. Hiding or shying away from photos your and feeling like a shell of your former self becomes a thing of the past.

  3. Eating Without Fear

    Enjoy your favorite foods without worry. You no longer have to give up family dinner time and personal connection because you can’t eat – watching your loved ones enjoy meals while you sit in silent agony, unable to join in because every bite is torture.

  4. Improved Overall Dental Health

    Strengthen your teeth and gums from the roots.

  5. Fresh Breath All Day

    Canceling plans and important appointments because of bad breath? Not anymore. Stop missing out on life or avoiding social interactions because of embarrassment. 

  6. 100% Risk-Free

    Safe and effective for everyone. Whether you’re worried about trying something new or concerned about potential side effects, this approach offers peace of mind with guaranteed results.4

The Ancient Dietary Cure & Ultimate Fix For Your Dental Problems!

She shared her secret – Tooth Restore, a supplement that complements her diet. That was all she did! No numbing gels, frequent visits to the dentist or costly surgery procedures except for a few mouthwashes she got! And at 75, she doesn't have to worry about tooth pain or decay!

  • I was skeptical at first, she sounds like a really weird old woman, or aren’t supplements everywhere in the market? What’s the hype?

  • Then she dropped a bombshell! This isn't just any supplement in the market. It models our ancestor’s diet. 5,000 years ago, our ancestors ate fresh produce and live animals raised without any toxic chemicals! This is how humans are meant to live.

  • She explained it contains all the nutrients our ancestors had in their meals that helped them with healthy teeth and strong jaws and was formulated specifically to protect you against modern diet silently ruining your health!

  • The best part? You don’t have to cook everyday to get these nutrients or visit a farm to model this, we bring the farm to you in a healthy bottle of supplement! With 2 capsules of Tooth restore at once, she eats her way out of any dental issues without munching on anything!

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Bone Support

Dietary Balance

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4-Week Strong Jaw Experience

Start your journey to healthier, stronger teeth and radiant smile overcoming pain and sensitivity for a more confident, happier you.

Week 1: Tooth Restore isn't a magic fix, but a journey to stronger, healthier teeth and jaws. In the first week, you might notice increased energy levels and an improved mood as your body starts receiving essential nutrients.

Week 2: By the end of the second week, alongside increased energy levels and positive mood, many users report they experienced less sensitivity in their teeth, making it easier to enjoy hot and cold foods. Enhanced mental clarity is another added benefit.

Week 3: In the third week, your teeth feel stronger, and you can eat a wider variety of foods without fear of pain or discomfort. Improved mood and sustained energy levels continue to make your daily activities more enjoyable.

Week 4: By the end of the fourth week, you’ll see a significant reduction in tooth sensitivity and an overall feeling of stronger, healthier teeth. Your confidence grows as you enjoy food without worry and smile more radiantly.

While 2-3 months of consistent use are necessary for the clearest results, you’ll already experience noticeable improvements within the first month.

Tooth Restore supports you in gaining the confidence to smile more radiantly and enjoy food without worry.

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Our Customers Are Really Happy

It’s like recapturing that child-like smile I once had

This product is like nothing else on the market…all I’ve ever heard about dental health is brush, floss, professional cleaning, repeat…and that’s all the control you have over oral health. Aside from that, just hope and pray that you don’t need a root canal or worse! I can't recommend Strong Jaw enough."

My gums are in a much better condition

"I think Tooth Restore is a great supplement and provides each person with the nourishment they need. It's totally true that problems with our teeth start with our lack of proper nourishment. Prior to taking Strong Jaw, I was just taking liver pills... which are great. But adding "Strong Jaw" to my diet has provided me with better energy, more alertness, and fresher breath! I highly recommend this product to others."

Less sensitive and much stronger

"Another product from Strong Jaw that just makes sense. Protecting our dental health should be a priority more people focus on, especially from a preventative perspective. Good news...Strong Jaw did the heavy lifting for us...all we need to do is take these dang capsules and let the regenerative magic happen. Prevent tooth decay and enjoy the other benefits of Tooth Restore!"

This stuff is good!

"I'm only my first few weeks but I’m sure I am better with my overall mouth health.I think I’ll have an even better review once I complete 60-90 more days!"



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Try it risk free with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Tooth Restore?
Simple: Tooth Restore targets the root causes of tooth decay and is packed with the richest foods that are sustainably sourced.
How long does it take to experience benefits?
It really varies in regards to when someone sees results. Some customers see results the same day, and for some, it may take weeks to build up to their optimum dosage. Everyone's biology is different. Most will notice subtle benefits, such as more energy, a better mood, less sensitivity, improved mental clarity, etc., within the first 2–3 weeks of taking our products. However, for more meaningful benefits, such as those that can be seen in the mirror, 2-3 months of consistent use may be necessary.
How much should I take?
The suggested dose is six capsules per day. We suggest starting at just one capsule per day of each supplement for the first 3–4 days, then going up to two capsules of each per day for the next 3–4 days, then three capsules per day, and so on until you reach the best therapeutic dose for your unique biology. Yes, this will take some time to reach the suggested dosages but this greatly helps to ensure tolerability of this deep nourishment so that it has a chance to do good.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
For U.S. orders, shipping takes 2-4 days (depending on location).
Why our supplements?
We've add the most nutrient dense foods on the planet to our formulas. Beef Liver & Bone and Marrow are the best foods for your health. It's amazing to see that wild animals always go for the liver and the bone marrow first. They leave the muscle meat for the birds. Even then, birds often are seen carrying marrow bones high up and dropping them on rocks to open them up.
Who can take our supplements?
At Strong Jaw, we believe that our products, while being "supplements," are indeed nutrient-rich foods that can benefit people—and even pets—of all ages! For children, our team of experienced functional dentists suggests a dosage of one capsule for every 15-20 pounds of body weight. But the natural goodness of our products doesn't stop at humans; we also cater to our four-legged friends. To bring the benefits of nose-to-tail nourishment to your pet, our dedicated holistic veterinarians suggest one capsule for every 8–12 pounds of your pet's weight. Dental health for the entire family—kids and pets included!
Still have questions or concerns?
We're working on updating our FAQs to help answer any questions you may have. If we missed your question, please feel free to send us a message. We're always happy to help!