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Made for your Gums

Say hello to Gum Restore - We know gums are important, but they can get sore and unhealthy. So we put the six best superfoods in this supplement to help your gums. But where we get those superfoods matters. So we get them from the best place on Earth for your health, so you can:

Smile confidently

Reduce gum inflammation

Stop bleeding gums

Restore gum tissue

Strengthen your teeth to support your gums

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Strong jaw Promise

Our Belief:

Our Ancestors didn’t Brush... didn’t Floss... didn’t get Cavities

Our ancestors were strong, healthy, and happy, nourishing their bodies with nutrient-rich animal organs for optimal health and happiness. But the modern diet can fail to give us the nutrients we need for healthy gums.

So I started Strong Jaw to put back what the modern world left out. reclaiming the nutrient density our bodies inherently crave. Supplement your lifestyle with Strong Jaw, tap into vibrant living, and witness enhancements in your overall wellbeing and oral health. Stand with us as we strive to restore the natural strength of humanity—the ancestral way.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Free Shipping

Our Belief:

Our Ancestors didn’t Brush... didn’t Floss... didn’t get Cavities

What customers felt from consistent use

1 Week

1 Week

Start feeling more energetic as your body starts taking in important nutrients

1 Month

See early signs of better gum health as the supplement begins to help control gum swelling and boost gum health

1 Month

2 Months

2 Months

Feel your gums get stronger and healthier! Say goodbye to sore or sensitive gums

3 Months

See Your Whole Mouth Get Healthier: Our special mix of nutrients helps make your mouth healthier and feel better

3 Months

6 Months

6 Months

Keep using it and watch your gums get healthier! This gum supplement also helps your body fight off germs better, making you feel healthier all over

12 Months

A happier, healthier smile and feeling overall. People have told their friends and family and seen their lives change too!

12 Months

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Free Shipping

Strong Jaw's Gum-Focused Organ Superfoods are THE MOST Nutrient-Rich On The Planet

Here’s why we chose these six superfoods:

*Grass Fed and Finished in New Zealand and Australia.

Nothing but the best for my family and yours

Beef Liver

Rich in Vitamin A, C, B12, CoQ10, Choline, Folate, Hyaluronic Acid, Heme Iron, Copper, Zinc and more

Boosts energy level

Fights oral health issues such as gum disease

Supports mucous membranes

Supports connective tissue in gums

Helps heal and reduce inflammation in gums

Beef Bone and Marrow

Rich in Calcium, Phosphorus, Collagen, Stem Cells, Growth Factors, Fat-soluble Activators and more

Supports the jawbone and teeth which are vital for gum health

Supports strength and elasticity of gums

Supports the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, which are crucial for oral health

Supports the immune system to fight gum disease

Beef Tracheal Cartilage

Rich in Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Collagen and more

Maintains the strength and elasticity of the gums

Regeneration of gum tissue

Maintains proper bite alignment and overall oral function

Reduces inflammation in the gums

Supports gum structural integrity and resilience

Lamb Thymus

Contains Unique Peptides to regulate, strengthen, and support immune health and balance the inflammatory response

Strength and integrity of gum tissue

Supports immune health

Regeneration of tissues in the gums

Reduce gum inflammation, e.g. gingivitis


Essential for numerous bodily functions and critical for gum and tooth development

Supports strong bones

Balances calcium to keep teeth healthy

Reduces gum inflammation

Helps reduce stress

Vitamin D3

Supports dental health, immune control, bone growth, and cardiovascular health

Supports strong teeth and gums

Fight off infections that can lead to gum disease

Support the overall health of gum tissues

Reduces the risk of tooth loss

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Free Shipping

Here’s What our customer are saying:

Just started using ... immediately noticed that my gums weren't bleeding while brushing... at all! Pretty incredible really. Even though I take care of my oral health, I've always experienced some bleeding while brushing. Can only be a sign of good things happening!


Another product from Strong Jaw that just makes sense. Protecting our dental health should be a priority more people focus on, especially from a preventative perspective. Good news...Strong Jaw did the heavy lifting for us...all we need to do is take these dang capsules and let the regenerative magic happen. Prevent tooth decay and enjoy the other benefits of Tooth Restore!


I have been taking both strong jaw gum and teeth restore for about a month and I have noticed significant improvement in many areas. I have struggled with sensitive teeth for many years. I have also had some issues with teeth chipping in the past. Currently, the sensitivity I have to cold and sugar has subsided roughly 70%. My teeth just feel stronger and I have confidence biting into ice again, which is something I have avoided for many years. It's amazing how fast these products took effect. Highly recommend!

Tommy K.

I got this product along with Gum Restore because i have early onset periodontal disease. I want to support my dental health naturally and prevent further bone loss and I was impressed with the ingredients. After 1 week, I noticed my gums weren’t bleeding anymore when I brushed my teeth, which is amazing! I also no longer experience any sensitivity when I drink cold water. I’m very pleased with the progress I’m making and am actually looking forward to my next dental appointment to see what my dentist says!


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90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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